• Explore our Offer

    The first step to take before you begin cooperation with Cyclo Trener Training Platform is to analyze the available training packages in detail (more information in the “Training Plans” section). All the packages are suited to individual training needs of each of us. We cooperate with high-level sports professionals, as well as with beginning amateurs who are willing to reach the heights of their potential.

  • Place the Order

    Once you have chosen the training package that suits your needs best, you should place an order through our website. To place the order you just click the button “Order a Package”, and then follow the instructions on the screen to fill in the required fields of the form.

  • Sign the Contract

    Once the order has been successfully placed, we provide you with an electronic version of the Contract that will need to be signed and sent back to us. Should you have any questions concerning the cooperation or the operating rules for the Cyclo Trener Training Platform, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail (e-mail address available in the Contact section of our website) or via telephone +48 606 475 397.

  • Begin Cooperation

    When the Contract has been signed and sent back to us, we begin the cooperation that will last for the specified period. The first few weeks are usually a period of becoming familiar with the individual features of a given athlete and customizing the most effective training plan.

  • Fill in the Questionnaire

    We subscribe to the principle that: “Each and every human body is completely different and requires an individual approach”. Thus, the next step to be taken is to log in to the Cyclo Trener system (using the login and password provided after the Contract has been signed) and to fill in a questionnaire in order to verify the strong and weak points of an athlete. This is a kind of SWOT analysis (Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats) which enables us to customize the training to fit the needs of an individual athlete.

  • The Training System

    Having all the necessary information concerning the weak and strong points of a given athlete, we create the athlete’s profile in the training system. Following every training, monitored by a measuring device (Heart Rate, power, velocity, rhythm, distance, etc.), the athlete uploads an activity file to the system. Then, the coach analyses the training, and on the basis of such an analysis, the coach assesses the level of fitness of a given athlete, the training progress, fatigue, and other significant parameters.

  • Body Monitoring

    The training loads are adjusted on the basis of current energetic zones according to heart rate or power; such zones are determined by means of efficiency tests. Another significant factor is also a current result of a complete blood count test, which is recommended to be done prior the beginning of the cooperation, as well as throughout its duration.

  • Further Cooperation

    Once the athlete’s profile has been determined, his or her fitness is shaped to achieve the goals that have been set. We prepare athletes to all kinds of cycling events, starting from amateur races and ending with prestigious championship events. And this is affirmed by the leading athletes who train with us!