Are efficiency tests required to begin cooperation?

The efficiency tests define the starting parameters and the physiological potential of the body; they enable us to create the so-called “start-point”, on the basis of which we would be able to set further goals that we will pursue in the training process. We strongly recommend that you have the tests done at least twice or three times a year.

Do I need to have a power meter to begin cooperation?

No - however, a device such as a power meter does really increase the training quality. It is advised that an athlete should first get to know his or her body using the heart rate monitor, which will make it easier for him or her to ride using a power meter at a later stage. There are numerous factors that affect our heart rate during a training, which is the body’s response to physical effort; a power meter indicates what work we can do in a given period of time.

What happens if, due to circumstances beyond my control, I cannot make a training session?

If it is only 1 training day, you should continue your training plan; if these are 2-3 days, then you should contact the coach in order to adjust the plan.

When is the best moment to begin cooperation with a coach?

Each and every moment is a good one. Before the beginning of cooperation, it is crucial to analyze the athlete’s trainings up till now, his or her work mode, and his or her weak and strong points. Thanks to the answers given in the questionnaire, the coach is able to develop an effective training plan.

How will my progress be monitored and assessed?

On the basis of the power profiles in the Training Peak program, efficiency tests, or race performance. Depending on a given athlete, we evaluate the training progress every 4-8 weeks, on average.

Is it possible to reach equal and stable form without taking part in the winter training camp?

An athlete training in the Polish conditions is able to reach an equal and stable form; it will, however, require a stout heart and body :). The quality of training and body regeneration will certainly be much higher in warmer countries.

What % of the threshold power am I capable of increasing in a year?

The increase in threshold power in advanced amateurs is ca. 5-25% a year. Depending on the so-far training pattern, the athlete’s response to trainings, and the goals, the rate differs from every individual athlete. Another important factor is also the optimum race weight, thanks to which our W/kg parameter may increase. Thus, apart from our training, also a balanced diet is of great importance.

How often are the trainings analyzed?

The training analysis is performed depending on the ordered training program, at least every 7 days. At the athlete’s request, the training may be discussed individually.

Are the blood tests necessary?

Yes, absolutely. In due time, in the training plan, there will be a reminder of the necessity for blood tests. The dietitian of the CycloTrener Training Platform, Ms. Karolina Kozela, MSc., is responsible for the administration, analysis, and selection of possible supplements.