Daniel Paszek
Coach / Owner

The founder and creator of the Cyclo Trener Training Platform. An experienced cycling instructor, the manager of the cycling team - Cyclo Trener Team, and an active athlete achieving successes in cycling events in Poland. He specializes in a detailed analysis of data from power meters; an excellent adviser. A certified coach whose qualifications are attested by, among others, Polish Academy of Sports, Polish Cycling Federation, Training Peaks level 2 and Training Peaks Power Certification. The author of a series of training-related articles for the bikeBoard magazine.


Karolina Kozela-Paszek
Coach / Dietitian

Coach-Dietitian Dietitian with a 6-year experience. She is a holder of international certificates in the following fields: sports dietetics and supplementation, blood tests analysis, body cleanse and detoxification, nutrition for pregnant and lactating women, treatment by the use of herbs and natural medicine in disease. She has participated in numerous all-Polish conferences, and has been awarded Honorable Mentions for the remarkable contribution to the development of dietetics. As one of the very few, she has completed the course on live blood drop analysis using both dark- and light-field microscopy. Currently, she is the dietitian for the Olympic swimming and speed-skating teams. She is responsible for a great number of professional sportspeople at the international level, including the World and European women’s cycling champion. She is also a dietitian for Polish celebrities, including Magdalena Mielcarz. She has a 16-year sports experience. On numerous occasions she has stood on the podium of Championships of Poland and other European countries. Last year, she won the MTB Polish Cup. She cooperates with sports institutions, writes articles for sports magazines, and is a guest of radio stations.


Dawid Lorenc
Physical Therapist

Master of Science in Physical Therapy of the Medical University of Silesia. A specialist with an extensive experience gained through cooperation with the greatest Polish athletes. On the behalf of the Centre for Sports Rehabilitation, the supervisor of Tomasz Majewski, the Olympic Champion in shot put. In cooperation with the most talented Polish MTB cyclists and many other great athletes.


Bartosz Moskwa
Cycling Coach

The Cyclo Trener Training Platform coach. An athlete with a long standing experience. He has conducted scientific research entitled “Bike Fitting as a method of proper adjustment of the position of a MTB cyclist on an MTB bike” and “The range of morphological structures in MTB athletes”. A Physical Therapist and adviser for the coach of the Junior MTB National Team. As a contestant, he stood on the podiums of renowned MTB events on many occasions.